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We are committed to helping you thrive!

Financial Assistance

The Stepping Ahead II Program provide rent, utility and rapid re-housing assistance to residents in South Fulton.*

Coordinated Intake

If you are homeless in South Fulton, please contact our office, we can assist you in securing housing and other services.*

Health Coverage

Find out if you meet income requirements to obtain FREE health care coverage with the Kaiser Permanente Bridge Program.

Supportive Housing

The Permanent Supportive Housing Program offers assistance to women 55+ who are physically or mentally disabled and have experienced chronic homelessness.

Furniture Bank

We are a referral site for the Atlanta Furniture Bank. If you are homeless, living with HIV/AIDS, and/or escaping domestic violence and you need furniture for your new home, we can assist.

Individual Development

Are you interested in purchasing a home, starting a business or pursuing a college education? If yes, we will give you a dollar for every dollar you save up to $1000.

Clothing Donations

If you are in need of interview or work attire, we offer FREE clothing for working women.

Achievement Club

In the Achievement Club, participants join a small group to set goals to improve their individual lives.

Educational Workshops

We offer monthly workshops on topics ranging from Home Ownership to Couponing!

Eligibility Requirements

*South Fulton Residents Only: East Point, College Park, City of South Fulton, Fairburn, Hapeville, Palmetto, Union City and Chattahoochee Hills

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